When you choose Elatos Web Software
(ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness), you are opting
for competence and first class technologies.

Erp + Crm + Ecommerce


We have 2 performante datacenter in UK and Italy

Top performance for your new cloud solution

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Real CLOUD solution

You can use CRM / Ecommerce / ERP online with any device

Only 30 Eur

NO MORE servers and software to be installed
Elatos web is a 100% web based ERP / CRM / ECOMMERCE.

All functions online 24/7 everywhere and with all device and tablet.

When you choose Elatos Web Software (ERP, CRM, PPC, MRP, eBusiness), you are opting for competence and first class technologies.

ELATOS WEB – ERP, CRM, ECOMMERCE Online, Best Cloud Solution

– You are free to choose
– Users have the choice of Mac, Linux, Windows or tablet.
– Only you need an internet connection.
– The best way to computerize your salesforce
– Your new erp for mac

The evolutionary system approach of the Elatos Business Software and its continuous development supports businesses significantly whenever they are required to adapt to changing market demands. The software standard can be quickly and easily adapted to the requirements of different industries and companies.

∅ C.R.M.

With Elatos Web You can reduce IT costs.

Is not requered a private server, your company use our machines, updated every year.

This is the new era for business management software!

You can now run your own business online, through an ADSL connection, just with your pc, your netbook or your iPad or Galaxy tab.

No longer Excel sheets or db access.

Your new online software.
Looking for an advanced management solution? You are now on the right web site!

ELATOS WEB combines US experience in CRM procedures with the business and management lines of the best European companies.

You can use our software without having to install it on your PC, wherever you are, whenever you need to. Even with your iPad or iPhone. You just need a web connection.

Advantages are countless. First of all, no cost for the start-up.

No investment, save money. You do not have to buy anything, you just pay a 25 Eur monthly subscription fee for each user. You can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you like.


High-level safety. More than 30 dedicated servers with automatic backups. But you can save your own data on your own, whenever you like.
Automatic, frequent, free updates. You get immediate and free improvements for all users, your software is constantly evolving.
ELATOS WEB is the management solution used by more than 5.000 companies worldwide. Secure, versatile, high performing. It is not like one of the standard management software with few functions and useful only to very small companies.

ELATOS WEB is a real international ERP with many functions available to fit your company activities.

You will receive your login details immediately after subscription.

Your new ERP is available in 24 hours

, in its latest version, constantly updated.

There is no risk for divergent or redundant data. One single database, high-performing also with very big archives and undergoing the most strict safety measures.

You do not need to buy any module, you can use EVERYTHING, always, for all users. Or else, you can decide which user can use which module.

The business model is focused on the data being unrepeated and on the flow of information being coherent and consistent.

A NEW BUSINESS SOFTWARE that will help your company grow through new management lines, with an appreciable saving of money.

Say goodbye to Excel sheets and welcome ELATOS WEB!

No more Ms Access or external solutions, only one database for ALL YOUR BUSINESS

Subscribe now, in just 1 click: only 25 Eur/month/user, less than 1 Eur/day!

Only 25 Eur:

Erp + Crm + Ecommerce

Sales and CRM Section Complete, just one data input and functions to turn everything to the next stage. Document sharing. Offers to client, order confirmations, commercial invoices, postponed invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, pro forma invoices. Purchasing Section – Purchase orders. Return deliveries to suppliers. Automatic booking of incoming goods into warehouse. Automatic reorders. Management of raw materials requirements. Accountancy Section – General accountancy, VAT accountancy. T-accounts for clients and suppliers, banks, payment advices. Share your accountancy with your business consultant. No particular skill required. Warehouse Section – Automatic recording of incoming and outgoing goods. Multiple warehouses. Continuous inventory for value and quantities. Trend charts, understock, diverse analyses.

Online invoicing – Electronic invoicing
Web orders Online Agents Online orders collection
Web Management Software

We trust our software can fulfill all your needs. If not, you are free to unsubscribe at any time, no contract restriction … and your money back!

100% Cloud

Nothing to install, you only need an internet connection. You can use your CRM with a tablet or smaphone, everywhere.

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Save Money

No initial investment, only a small monthly price for each user.

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Modern and beautiful

Solid typography and modern, perfect layout. Theese two work together to deliver best possible readability, and make your crm, erp a joy to explore.

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Smart and flexible

More then 4.000 user. We develop this project since 2003.

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