The block construction of Etherna allows for very easy content creation. Some things just cannot be made easier.

Cost accounting

The cost accounting covers the areas of cost type accounting, cost center accounting and cost object accounting. The cost center accounting includes the IAAA (internal account activity allocation) function.
Subsequently to the IAAA there is the option to post the overheads to the cost objects.

There are different procedures available for this purpose. The cost center accounting can be structured according to the flexible standard costing principle. With the “Valuation of production activity” module the valuated personnel and machine times of the completion confirmations are posted in the form of statistical entries and then flow into the cost accounting. The cost accounting integrates the data of
diverse modules, such as for example, the financial and fixed asset accounting, and using the “Material valuation” and the “Valuation of production activity” module it also integrates data from the areas of material valuation and production.