Erp, Crm, Ecommerce the only integrated solution for business innovation

More than 300 modules available, 24/24 hrs, 365 days/year.

You only need a web connection, a mobile phone or an e-book to consult and manage your business.

Many applications that enable you to run all your company processes.

ACTIVE CYCLE – Sales invoices / Detailed analysis

Clients database, potential clients, CRM, commercial opportunities. Items database, sales documents, conversion from order to invoice or delivery note or pro forma invoice. Independent management of multilanguage modules. Sending of documents by e-mail and receipt notification. Logic flow, easy to use and to learn. Analysis of mark-ups.

PASSIVE CYCLE – Orders to suppliers / Analysis of purchasing costs

Purchase orders, supply chain, automatic sending of purchasing documents. Immediate and accurate control of raw materials requirements and purchasing costs.

WAREHOUSE – Inventory, multiple warehouses

Automatic booking of incoming and outgoing goods, controls on consistency of stock and value. Progressive picking and definition of delivery priorities.


The software includes all accountancy areas. You can check your balance sheet in real time, as well as client and suppliers T-accounts. You can also consult your credits and your financial assets.


A simple business intelligence is integrated in our software, whereby you can easily prepare a series of online queries to extract analysis and charts. Drill-down analysis.

Passive Cycle | Accountancy and Finance | Warehouse | Business Intelligence


Much more than a standard business management software. It is online, constantly updated, and you can use it like a SaaS.


Your agents and your sales department will be able to login from outside the company and input orders, manage sales, offers, promotions, as well as analyze commissions and turnovers.


It is easy and quick to create your own on-line store. This is the first E-commerce fully integrated in real time with your company database.

With one single click, you can turn a document to the next one.

For all business activities in commerce, services, manufacturing.


Quick to learn, easy to use. A single window to manage the whole document flow.

All modules give the means to generate PDF documents that can be customized in the structure, logo and colors. The software keeps records of all the steps of the document: creation of the offer to client, confirmation of order (external attachments: i.e. order received from client, etc.), single or multiple deliveries, creation of delivery documents and immediate invoice.


The offer to client can be in extended formats (like MSWord) with graphic contents, pictures, links and technical designs.

After receiving the confirmation of order from your client, you can turn it into another document and modify quantities and prices, though keeping trace of all previous statuses. The order reserves the relevant quantities in the warehouse and makes it possible to immediately know how profitable the sale is.

The sales cycle is automatically linked to the accountancy cycle, invoices are booked in just a simple click.

Our procedures make it possible to:
– have an easier passive cycle (automatic conversion and reorders)
– have a correct management of warehouses and requirements
– reduce low-value activities (direct input from clients and agents)


– Management of goods on consignment
– Direct recording of outgoing goods from predefined warehouse
– Production requirements
– Requirements from Bill of Materials
– Automatic reorders to suppliers
– Automatic picking process
– Management of pro forma invoices
– Multiple currency
– Management of sales points
– Management of active contracts
– Management of technical services
– Technical tables of items
– External attachments for all tables
– Automatic workflow
– Cloning and conversions of all databases
– Project management
– Projects assignments
– Shared agenda into the CRM
– Complete and integrated CRM

On time decisions

For all business activities in commerce and manufacturing.

In a few minutes, you can create a purchase order, send it through our integrated e-mail service or supply chain. The passive cycle is in connection to the active cycle with an automatic transposition.


You can generate your order directly from a quotation requested to the supplier.

When goods enter your warehouse, your inventory is automatically updated with correct quantities and prices.

Your account department will validate all entries and record them in the ledger.

When processing an order, the software will check all particular prices quoted by each supplier and suggest the correct financial commitment. Orders can be processed manually or through the procedure for automatic reorders. By this procedure, the software will check all requirements according to clients’ orders, inventories and understock, thus suggesting the relevant requests for quotation or purchasing orders.

Automatic booking of incoming and outgoing goods.
Real-time inventory.

Quick and easy to use – no specific skill in bookkeeping is required.

This module can manage the booking of incoming and outgoing goods on each warehouse. The warehouse section is organized to provide full support to the management of goods and services. Production lots, identification numbers, warranties, RMA numbers, returned packages. You can also manage non-compliance and expiring dates as per VISIO ISO9000 standards.

At any time, you can trace back the whole story of a product.

Items are grouped by categories, groups, subgroups, producers, families. For each item you can have a data sheet with fields especially customized for your company, which you can use both inside the company and in B2B and B2C sections.

You can manage understock and target level. Inventory can be verified automatically or by manual input and PDA validation.

Your stock can be calculated by different methods: LIFO, FIFO, average cost, last cost.

Bills of Materials have no limits for entries, which is essential for manufacturing companies, especially in automotive sector and metal and engineering industry.
On time and immediate decisions to understand how your business is evolving.

Balance sheets, T-accounts, general ledgers.

Quick and easy to use – no specific skill in bookkeeping is required.

Both active and passive cycle create automatic entries in accountancy. All takings can be booked separately (i.e. on each counterbalance) or by creating a list of payments in CBI format that can be sent directly to the bank through home banking. Procedures are very easy and prevent any input mistake. Each supplier can be assigned to a specific account, so that any entry not coming from a purchase order is recorded automatically. In real time, you can reclassify your balance sheets according to the criteria defined in the Fourth EEC Directive, while analyzing the business trend on a monthly basis. You can also extract your balance sheet in XBRL format.

Fiscal years can be closed and reopen automatically, even for a provisionary time.

All data are always on line on more fiscal years.

You can manage open entries and decide to have one or more maturities.

You can have a real-time overview of your takings and your open payments.

You can prepare reports for all open accounts, print and export them in a Excel sheet according to many parameters.
Drill-down analysis.
Customized directly from the user with charts and exports.

Quick and easy to use – no specific IT skill is required.

After testing the best business intelligence solutions available on the market, ELATOS WEB has created its own software application for data analysis, which you can customize and extend as you like. In a few click, you can create specific queries to investigate and compare the trend of the same period in different years. This will help you understand, decide, share information.

All data can be read and exported to Excel or pdf.

Watch our videos. You will understand in a few minutes our software.

Many support options, 24/24hrs.

Ticket system
An integrated system to manage all requests for information and support.

A complete set of information, always available, coming from our experience in supporting more than 5.000 companies.

The first online ERP is released in the EU. This is the first step in the project development.

About 2.000 users and new modules available.

The integrated business intelligence is released.

ELATOS WEB is in use in more than 5.000 companies.