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Excellent price

ELATOS WEB это идеальное программное обеспечение для управления для малых и крупных компаний, до 100 пользователей. Мы обладаем богатым опытом.

Большие преимущества от использования интерактивного приложения в режиме SaaS. Облако компьютинга, соответствующее его высоким стандартам. Бизнес-приложения могут быть доступны с любого устройства.
Настоящая революция в организационном управлении Вашей компании. Всегда обновляемые возможности, без необходимости установки. Естественная эволюция систем управления с рождения быстрого доступа в Интернет.

Важные и незамедлительные выгоды, большая масштабируемость.

User friendly

The continuous uniform user interface, the systematic screen structure, the field, screen and topic related Online Help and the structure of the models according to the related functions make it possible to work securely, intuitively and effectively with the ELATOS Business Software after only a short introduction.



Customized, flexible and always up-to-date

Be it business processes, screens or database structures your specific requirements can always be easily integrated. ELATOS Business Software can adjust perfectly to suit your organizational structure. The value and usefulness of your company software appreciate with each passing year. You partake in this progress with every new version.

Even after an upgrade your individual modifications are retained as, for example, individual fields in screens, own standard lists, new functions or own macros



ELATOS Business Software is multilingual in the user menu, as well as in the display language.
This simplifies working with your subsidiaries in other countries.
You can personalize languages yourself.

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Supplier relationship and procurement management

The purchasing in ELATOS ERP provides a continuous transaction processing from the request to purchase order suggestions and purchase orders right up to entering receipt of goods up to invoice verification. Dealing with purchase orders is a central component in purchasing. In the scheduling, purchase order suggestions are generated when stock levels fall below the minimum stock level, which then flow into requests and purchase orders. Outline agreements can be edited. For each purchase order item the purchase order management is linked to the financial accounting and cost accounting via cost centers, cost objects and account assignment.

ELATOS WEB ERP software helps you obtain the best goods at the best prices while building
and keeping strong supplier relationships. Adapt dynamically to market changes with
instant access to inventory and supplier details. The most efficient purchasing processes
pave the way to shorter lead-times, improved cash-to-cash cycles and reduced returns
handling, spelling better profitability.

∅ Reduce average inventory investment while increasing customer service levels
∅ Avoid overstocking, slow-moving and obsolete inventory
∅ Reduce costs by simulating changing inventory models
∅ Balance inventory investment against procurement costs
∅ Forge closer, more profitable trading relationships through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
∅ Accurately measure individual vendor performance and product lead-times
∅ Provide accurate requirement forecasts to suppliers, ensuring maximum service at
minimum cost


In ELATOS ERP the sales process is displayed from the quotation creation via the sales order management and the outgoing goods to the invoicing.
Additional functions, such as quotation and revenue statistics, commission calculation, archiving and many more are available.
With the sales function in the ELATOS Business Software an up-to-date overview of business
relationships with your customers, as well as the sales trends of your products is available at
any time.
The ability to deliver whilst maintaining minimum stock levels can be optimized, the profitability is improved. CRM functions are also available with the customer infosystem.
• Manage your warehouse for maximum effectiveness
• Pick orders faster and with increased accuracy, based on product movement frequency
• Optimise resource activity through precise and accurate instruction handling
• Achieve faster ROI with staged implementation possibilities
• Control inventory to reduce tied-up capital
• Process large order volumes quickly and accurately
• Deliver on time with higher service levels
• Monitor warehouse inventory and activity 24/7.



ELATOS software supports sales representatives, front-line distributors and commodity traders who manage direct sales to customers.
The solution handles sales order management with contract sales pricing, electronic catalogue support, high-volume order entry automation via EDI and XML,
Internet customer self-service, laptop and remote ordering, and automated
delivery scheduling.
Complete CRM support includes sourcing, back-to-back orders and alternative/
replacement parts suggestion.
• Establish long-term customer relationships
• All customer records instantly at your fingertips
• Manage campaigns and events with automated support
• Build and maintain prospect/contact lists
• Integrate and optimise sales support information
• Reduce transaction costs through web ordering/tracking
• Maximise customer benefits and profit potential through 24/7 Internet selfservice.
• Offer customers a range of order process options – self-service, telephonic,
EDI, delivery schedules, etc.
• Increase order value and profit through advanced pricing techniques
• Manage the entire flow of incoming requests, including initiating returns.
• Monitor the sales order process with alert management software
• Proactive transportation planning
• right from order entry
• Gain accurate forecasts from customers for better planning
• Monitor and report supply chain events
• Cut inventory costs and optimise stock between warehouses.

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